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Covina: The Arrowhead Chronicles, Book One

In Covina, the first explosive book in the Arrowhead Chronicles, Dana Leigh, blazes a new frontier with an edge-of-your-seat supernatural thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Delaney McClellan is Chief of Police in rural Arrowhead, Colorado. The usually quiet town, set along the northern foothills of the Rocky Mountains, has experienced a string of unusual drug related crime. She and her ill-equipped police department are at a loss on what to do. Exhausted and overworked, Delaney seeks help from any resource she can. On advisement from respected colleague, Shawn James, Delaney recruits drug task force expert, Aaron Rockway, to help her and her police force stem the flow of drugs and bring law and order to Arrowhead.

Things go from bad to catastrophic, when the investigation leads to Delaney shot and bleeding in an alley and her best friend, Jeanie, and Jeanie's brother, Christopher, missing. Their only suspect is a dark and brooding pharmaceuticals executive whose shady operations have red flags going up. Delaney prays Aaron is the answer to her problems. Can she objectively handle working side by side with him when the electricity between them is impossible to ignore? If that wasn't enough, her quirky, but loveable family begins acting strangely and attempts to cover up a mysterious secret that will change Delaney for all eternity.

Aaron Rockway is a lawman from way back. The East Texas good ol' boy has stared in the face of evil, and made it out alive. When he's given the directive to go to Arrowhead, he does so with apprehension. He can see Delaney is one tough cookie, but orders are orders. He's willing to do what it takes to make Delaney ready for the battle ahead of them. Her stubbornness and cynical attitude make it hard for him to turn on his natural charms. How will he prepare her for their life in the future and explain the strong connection he shares with her? Will Delaney be able to handle the blow to her reality? Can she accept a world where the creatures of heaven and hell are more than just tales in a book? With an ancient text, and smile that could stop traffic as ammunition, Aaron is determined to open her eyes to the reality of the world around them, and turn her into a kick-ass solider in the army against evil.

Delaney struggles to understand a world filled with witches, demons, and annoying arch-angels lurking under her very nose. Aaron and Delaney have a big target on their backs...

...The fate of Arrowhead hangs in the balance in the war between good and evil, and the key to winning the fight, lies with Delaney.